belleSingle? Sad? Looking for something to do tonight? I suggest you sashay over to the Artesian to soak up the sweet singing of sultry siren Belle Plaine. She and her band, The Unrequited Love, will set you right! Chris Morin interviewed Melanie Hankevich, a.k.a. Belle, this issue. They talked about what’s new, tonight’s show and his own star-crossed romances. It’s a good interview and you should read it. An excerpt:

He ended up being in my environmental philosophy class. He sat at the back and I sat at the front and I started doing that thing where you slowly move seats every week until you are more less sitting beside him. And I figured that this was it. So I struck up the awkward conversation with this person who I had been projecting my trajectory towards for months and suddenly they’re beside me. And this conversation continued for the next while before class and it was always so charged with energy. And he had these dreadlocks and I had shared this with my friends, and it was a devastating moment because they told me that I wasn’t a part of the dreadlock community. And I said that it didn’t matter because we were in our 20s and we were mature.

What happened next? Find out here! And yes, I know Greg mentioned this this morning but I think it deserves its own post, so there. Doors at 7:00, show at eight, and I have a hunch it’ll be sold out so don’t dawdle. Maybe I’ll see you there! If I don’t dawdle, that is.