From the Leader-Post:

It appears the provincial government is cashing in its chips and selling Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw. According to a news release from the NDP this morning, the government has made a deal to sell the two casinos to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. NDP leader Cam Broten is calling on the government to release the full details of its agreement and says he will not support the rushed, secret deal to sell valuable public assets.

This seems like a worthy public debate to have, since there’s something awful about governments profiting from casinos, which are a blatant tax on the poor. Maybe this particular alleged privatization is for the best. I dunno. We’ll have to wait and see what the details are.

That said, I think everyone remembers that the Saskatchewan Party vowed they wouldn’t privatize crowns, but they’ve been selling off public assets since they got elected. Only a naive child would believe that SaskTel isn’t on the hit list, too. Oh, not today. But as soon as it’s politically possible. Maybe after they win their third term. Just watch.

It’s all about permanently weakening government, right? Starving it of revenues so it can’t do interesting things like bring in universal daycare, public dental care or low tuition. A weak government can’t defend ordinary citizens from business interests.

And that probably sounds good to some people.

Of course, as voters we have a say in government. We don’t have a say in private business. But this no-say future seems to be the future people want.

It’s a mistake.