6-in-the-morning1 EX-TORY MINISTER CHUCK STRAHL: ALL KINDS OF WRONG A former Conservative government minister has a couple of part-time jobs that don’t go so well together: he’s on the panel that oversees Canada’s spy agency, CSIS, and he’s a registered lobbyist for the Northern Gateway pipeline. Yikes. This isn’t illegal, but it is insane, given that part of what CSIS does is spy on people who criticize oil companies. Yes, really.

2 THEN AGAIN, THEY MIGHT WANT TO SPY HARDER A couple of climate change activists made it onto a stage behind the Prime Minister and held up protest signs at a Vancouver event. They were questioned and released without being charged.

3 REGINA WENT OVER ITS SNOW BUDGET LAST YEAR Story here. Perhaps we need a bigger budget.

4 INVADING COUNTRIES MAKES THEM WORSE Iraq is a mess. Al Qaeda control a major city. Good job, Bush, Cheney and their supporters. I took a quick look at Small Dead Animals, a popular website run by a blogger and occasional John Gormley Live guest who supported the Iraq war (and says climate change isn’t happening because it’s cold out right now, and attacks U.S. health care reform, and etc.) and I didn’t see an apology for supporting a stupid war that destabilized a country. Maybe I missed it.

5 RUSSIA IS SO HOMOPHOBIC It’s embarrassing.

6 CANADA’S OLYMPIC HOCKEY TEAM HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED Here’s the list of players. Good lord, ┬áthat Sidney Crosby kid made the team! A couple of Reginans, Ryan Getzlaf and Chris Kunitz, made the team. Meanwhile, a man who wears a constipated Gollum expression says there are problems with Canadian hockey, and he’s probably 100 per cent right.