Hello Meghan! Hello Eric!Hello Meghan and Eric! What’s that you’ve got there? HOLY SHIT, is that a new issue of Prairie Dog?!?!?!?  I heard it’s a really good one, too — lots of stuff to read! For example:

GOODBYE, BUY THE BOOK Another bookstore closes, leaving our city of 200,000 with a grand total of three. Paul Dechene has the official Prairie Dog angle.

THE NEIL YOUNG EXPERIENCE Rick Pollard reports from the press conference while Stephen Whitworth complains about shoddy media coverage.

WHEN JOSH BROLIN BAKED PEACH PIES EVERY DAY Jorge Ignacio Castillo sat down with the Labor Day star and director Jason Reitman, and chatted about their new movie.

MAGNETA LANE IS BACK! Sometimes a good band needs to take some time off. That’s what Toronto’s Magneta Lane did. And now they’re back with a Tuesday show at O’Hanlon’s in Regina, Saskatchewan. Things are looking up! Chris Morin talks to the talented trio.

WHAT ELSE? The usual hurricane of awesome stuff, including restaurant reviewsfilm reviews, Street Wear, Barking Dogs*, David Suzuki, Gwynne Dyer, News Quirks*, Chilblains, Did You Know: The Superbowl Edition, My Music*, Typo Wiener, Top 6* columns, CD reviews, Queen City Confidential, Sound Check, Hnetflix, listings, listings and more listings, and more! Pick up a copy and taste the awesomeness!

Yup, you guys are going to really enjoy the Jan. 23 Prairie Dog! Lots of people will! It’s out there at something like 400 locations city-wide! And it’s free! But you’ve only got two weeks to get a copy, and then it will be replaced with a new issue. So hurry!

*Print only.