Mobina Galore: proudly loud and well-produced

by Craig Silliphant

musicMobina Galore
Friday 12
The Club

So: Mobina Galore is a two-piece punk band. But just what the hell does “Mobina Galore” mean?

“It’s kinda just something that we came up with,” says Mobina Galore singer/guitarist Jenna Priestner.

“We were in a band before that had a name that sounded like everything else. I wish there was a good story behind [Mobina Galore], but it just sort of happened. We just made up a word that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere.

“But we like that when you Google us, it’s kind of the only thing that pops up,” she says.

(Story checks out, by the way.)

Priestner and drummer/vocalist Marcia Hanson were roommates living in Fernie when they formed.

“Late nights, after the bar, we’d come home and jam and sound terrible,” says Priestner. “Next thing we know, we’re opening up for bands that are coming through.”

Soon enough, the duo ended up in Winnipeg, where they recorded their new album, Cities Away. Though some of the songs were written as long as four years ago, the duo wanted Cities Away to sound more commercial and well-produced than their earlier material. The result was an even heavier sound.

“We decided to take our time with it,” says Priestner. “We changed some of the older songs — I’ve always wanted to be able to scream some of them, so we figured out a way to make it work. The newer stuff is more scream-y and awesome.”

One of the songs that stands out is “You’re Not 23 Anymore”, which seems to go against the grain in terms of pop-punk, and the idea that the music industry in general is aimed at youth culture.

“You’re not 23 anymore — so just kind of grow up and live,” says Priestner. “It’s my birthday today and I’m 29, and I’m kind of stoked about that. There are so many people that are just terrified and think, ‘I wanna be young forever.’ Like, being in high school again sounds like a nightmare.

“I like getting older and I think it’s one of those things; just get over the fact that you’re not going to be a kid forever,” she says.