Boo To Barber-Bashing

There’s fair editorial comment and then there is comment that is not called for. I am all for editorial comment if it at least makes a pretence of being fair and balanced. Call me misguided if you will but I am one of those people who support Ragged Ass Barbers in their decision to cut men’s hair. After all it is what they do.

Editors should at least make a pretence of being fair and balanced. I haven’t read all the comments Prairie Dog made about their “Best of Regina Winners” but Stephen Wentworth seems to have a vendetta against Ragged Ass Barbers as he can’t seem to get over the fact that they don’t do women’s hair. Instead of just acknowledging that Craig Zamonsky is the best MEN’s hairstylist Wentworth climbs back up on his soap box to attack him for styling MEN’s hair. At best he is being disingenuous when he does recognize that Craig is the “best at MEN’s speciality grooming” but he seems to miss the point that it is MEN’s speciality grooming. As far as knowing that cutting women’s hair would “not wreck its male specialized business model or injure current customers,” that is just plain speculation. What does he know about the barber shop business? But let’s not let facts get in the way of opinion.

Not everyone who voted for Ragged Ass Barbers is doing so because they support the policy, and not everyone who voted for Craig did so because he sticks to his policy. What they do support is the staff and what they value is the atmosphere.

I used to think Prairie Dog was pretty good for a left-wing independent paper but I am beginning to rethink that position, or at least the editor’s position. However, what do I know about being an editor except that adding fuel to any controversy, no matter how trivial, or how old, is good for business?

Keep up the good work, Prairie Dog and don’t let facts get in your way.

Blair Parkinson

Wentworth responds: Thanks for the letter, Blair. We’ll have a straightforward news story, NOT written by dumb ol’ no-facts me, on the legality of Ragged Ass Barbers’ policy in a future issue. We will even interview lawyers. You will love it.

By the way, did you hear the Saskatchewan Legislature unanimously passed Bill 171 adding gender identity to the human rights code?

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