Bonus ColumnPrairie Dog has partnered with the Canadian Urban Columbidae Hegemony for our latest, greatest contest! Just come up with names for all the cute pigeons in the above photo and send your submission to pigeon@prairiedogmag.com! One lucky contestant will win an actual, live pigeon which we will mail in time for Christmas!

Look at those cute li’l birds all enjoying the sunset and doing pigeon stuff. So adorable! Wouldn’t you like one of them to show up, gift wrapped, in your mailbox? Of course you would! And just think, you can name it anything you want! How about Dorothy? Or Flappy? Or Mr. Poops? Or Varrgreth The Blood Drinker? So many possibilities!

Don’t delay, name the hell out of those pigeons today!

RULES  1.) Winner to be determined by random draw.  2.) Prizes subject to availability of pigeons.  3.) If we can’t catch a pigeon we will mail yousomething else. Like some Kleenex tissues or maybe this pen on my desk. 4.) Contest deadline was last Monday at noon.  5.) Contest void where prohibited by law, scripture or royal decree of the Pigeon King.  6.) All hail the Pigeon King, long may he coo.