Pity The Poor Stoner

QCCTo the complete and utter piece of filth who decided it would be a hilarious idea to throw a 20-pound rock onto the hood of my car in the middle of the night on Sunday: I forgive you.

After a few days of dreaming up all the wonderful ways I’d like to cause your imbecilic ass tremendous pain, I realized I actually feel sadder for you than I do for myself. No one could do such an unbelievably moronic thing if they didn’t have some serious, serious issues in their life.

So yeah, I’m out $700 or whatever for the insurance deductible, which sucks. But I’m betting a person who does the kind of thing you did is out anything approaching real happiness, joy or the prospect of a decent life in the future.

Clearly, it sucks to be you — and for that you have my sympathies. /Anonymous

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