From The Slightly Rude Dude

QCCSometimes a guy is so slow. Came across someone with your name searching 411 on the Internet. Didn’t think it would be you. Phone call confirmed it wasn’t.

But I thought about seeing you at the Regina Exhibition, the same year we graduated together, a long time ago. I was kind of down about my dead-end job; you were cheerful despite having trouble finding work. I know I was eventually sociable enough, but I never saw you again so I assume you moved to Calgary (as you said you might if you didn’t find a job by October).

I guess you’ll only see this if you’re home visiting family.

We were just classmates, not a couple or even people who hung around with same crowd, but I still should have been more positive with my greeting. Not something I thought about until I accidentally came across your name in a 411 search.

Sorry if I was unintentionally rude those many long years ago. /Anonymous

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