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I know, I know I’ve pretty much exhausted Snowpiercer as a topic but here’s just one last brief thing. After barely putting the movie in theatres and releasing it on VOD at the same time, Weinstein’s streaming content division, RADiUS-TWC has released the combined box office and streaming totals: $11 million. After 11 weeks in barely any theatres, with no advertising to help the movie, Snowpiercer took in $4.5 million. Streaming brought another $6.45 million. Add it together, you get $11 million (roughly). Not too shabby for a movie that was basically chucked under the bus by its studio.

Of course Snowpiercer made $86.6 million worldwide, in markets where it was properly promoted. Guess its money just wasn’t good enough for producer/distributer Harvey “Sulky Little Scissorhands” Weinstein.

31 Days Of Horror: 2014 Edition

October is almost here and that means another 31 Days of Horror is coming up fast on Prairie Dog’s website. After six years you’d think I’d have run out of horror movies. Ha! I’ve barely scratched the surface!

The trouble is coming up with a theme for this year. 31 Days Of Horror always has a theme. In the past I’ve done under-rated horror films, thrilling horror films, monstrous horror films, big-name horror films and, last year, horror films from around the world (which was fun and educational, even for me).

This year, I was thinking of spotlighting underrated B movies or perhaps even the films of Shout Factory’s Scream Factory line. Editor Steve suggests horror movies of the 1970s, or just Asian/Hong Kong/kung-fu horror films (although I’ve already covered some of the better ones). If anyone has any better ideas, now’s the time to share them: you can find me on Dog Blog every Sunday, or send an e-mail to me C/O

I think I might be leaning towards Steve’s ’70s theme: lots of variety, funk, gore and horror to play with there. Whatever I do go with, starting October first look for a write-up about a new horror movie every day. All posts will be tagged 31 Days Of Horror.

As for my weekly Sunday Matinee column will be on hold for October, but it will return in November.

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