There Goes The Neighbourhood

QCCThis QCC was written in response to the Aug. 21 QCC “Ship Up And Boat Out”. You can read the original column in our online archives at

Dear Boat Owner: Let’s see if I have this right. You use the street as your own private parking lot and have the nerve to complain when parking enforcement gives you a measly $25 ticket.

Having shown your complete disregard for your neighbours, you then whine that whoever called the commissionaires didn’t just knock on your door to air their grievance and you suggested that you would have generously listened to said grievance.

There’s no end of people like you who think they can park their boats, RVs, fifth wheels, etc. on the street regardless of the inconvenience it might pose to others. Maybe if you had consideration for your neighbours, you wouldn’t have parked your toy on the street in the first place. /Anonymous

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