Beware The Blinding Glare

QCCTo the driver who yelled “nice bald spot” at me when he zoomed past a few weeks back: you nerd. No bald man over 30 cares that he’s bald. Well, maybe a few bald dudes care, but they wear toupees. Anyway, rather than feebly insulting bald oldsters, you should spend your time at home reflecting on how lame you are and make a list of ways to be a better grown-up. Idea number one: don’t shout at pedestrians when you drive past them. Idea number two: masturbate more often to ease your weird sexual obsession with bald men.

I’m sure you can come up with more ideas.

P.S.: If you were one of my buddies just being an idiot and I didn’t recognize you, sorry about that. If you’re my friend, yelling “nice bald spot” is mildly amusing.  /Anonymous

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