tw0710Congratulations to Kate Blechinger, who spotted one of the many fun typos in last issue’s guide to summer. We misspelled the name of St. Walburg — not, as we wrote, St. “Walberg”. Sigh.

Kate wins $10 and a Typo Wiener shirt. She has plans for that $10, but they’re too elaborate to explain here so you’ll just have to ask her about it yourself.

Kate’s working on a music degree at Edmonton’s MacEwan University. She also works for the Edmonton Folk Festival. In 2006 she won the Southern Saskatchewan Regional Spelling Bee. She’d like to thank her dad, Ron “The Bee’s Knees” Blechinger, for helping her find this Prairie Dog typo.

Congratulations Kate (and Ron)!

FRIENDLY ST. WALBURG: HOME OF THE BLUEBERRY FESTIVAL Prairie Dog’s poor copy editor would like it known that Whitworth missed all the deadlines last issue and didn’t have the file done in time for her to see it, so this typo was not her fault, and she doesn’t want the great people of St. Walburg, whom she respects and admires (and whose town name she knows how to spell), to be mad at her.

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