QCCRotten Romeos

To the three wannabe-Casanovas comparing their pathetic love lives during a LONG coffee break at a hospital cafeteria: don’t hold your breath waiting for Ms. Wonderful. Statements like “You should dump her if she ain’t gonna cook for you, because there’s something wrong with a lady who don’t know how to cook” are out of touch with reality — and a clear warning to any woman that she’s talking to an idiot.

As for “She should be happy to let you get at her whenever you’re ready, even after the first or second date,” well, there’s a name for that kind of thinking. It’s “rape culture.”

My favourite vignette came from the Romeo who just got dumped. Listen, clown: when she invites you over after a few dates and things get steamy, and then she dumps you immediately afterwards, that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with her. She probably just didn’t want to waste any more time thinking about whether your most pathetic organ is in your pants, or your skull. /Anonymous

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