QCCSurly When Wet

To the guy in the contractor’s truck  who blasted through the small lake on the Arcola Ave. curve on June 18 at about 4 p.m.: you are an utterly contemptible, inconsiderate jerk. I was trying to drive through that pond without unnecessarily soaking someone. You, on the other hand, just went blasting through without any concern at all for others. You managed to send a wave of filthy water over my windshield, effectively blinding me to what was ahead. And because I had my window down a bit for fresh air, your selfish driving soaked me as well.

Too bad for you that I’m looking for a contractor right now. Your company was on my list of possibles, but not anymore — and anytime the subject comes up I’ll be sure to tell people what a selfish jackass you are. Is that why you never answer the company phone, and why the voicemail is full? Too many ticked-off contacts? May you live in interesting times, fella. May you live in interesting times. /Anonymous

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