Hnetflixby Shane “On Vacation With The Griswolds” Hnetka

I’m on holidays from my day job at the comic shop and feelin’ lazy, so instead of my usual column, this issue’s Hnetflix is a good ol’ fashioned reader talkback thingy. Without further ado, here is:

The Lazy Holiday Hnetflix

Hnetflix website commentator Ryan took issue with my April 4 column about smaller movies like the crowdfunded Veronica Mars, which I essentially called a box office flop. Ryan disagreed, arguing that, since $5.7 million of the movie’s $6 million budget was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Veronica Mars was practically paid for before it even came out. Add the $3 million-plus box office and whatever it makes from DVDs and downloads, and wham! Profit city! (Ryan phrased things a little differently.)

I see Ryan’s point, but films need to make their budgets back and more. This is true for all movies, from small-budget productions to Hollywood blockbusters. No profits, no sequels — not to mention more reluctant studio participation in future crowdfunded projects.

Still, Veronica Mars was a phenomenal crowdfunding success story. It was the fastest Kickstarter to reach $2 million, Kickstarter’s all-time highest-funded film project, and it had the most backers ever. Maybe I just wish more people went to see it in theatres.

Anyway, thanks for the comment, Hnetflix reader Ryan!

I’ll Be Bach

Hnetflix reader Barry contacted me about my column on the underappreciated 1977 classic Sorcerer. In my May 15 column, I was whining about not being able to just walk into a Regina store and buy it. “You can buy DVDs and Blu-Rays at Bach and Beyond at the Golden Mile,” said Barry. “Frank [who’s Frank?] knows about Sorcerer and might be able to get it.”

Now, I know I can always order movies — HMV will do that for me, too — but I went to check out Bach and Beyond anyway. I was shocked to find a small but impressive selection of classic movies on DVD, including a couple of Hammer Horror flicks I was missing. And yes, Frank ordered me a copy of Sorcerer (thanks Frank!).

I would still prefer to just walk into a store and find the movies I want, but we live in a stupid world. Anyways, thanks for a good tip, Hnetflix reader Barry!

As always, my opinions are my own and if you disagree, feel free to let me know online or by e-mailing (If you want to tell me I’m right, that works too.) The main thing is to watch, and hopefully enjoy, some movies.

Shane Hnetka is a Regina film and comic book nerd. Besides Hnetflix, he writes “Sunday Matinee” column on