QCCLeft And Leaving

It hasn’t sunk in quite yet, but farewell, my magnificent co-worker and garlic-cheese-fry-loving friend. And, indeed, you’ve become just that — a friend. You’re my ultimate trivia team partner, my mighty quaffer of rum and coke, and my cell phone shopper extraordinaire. You’re my favourite vegetarian (with recipes!) and office pizza chef. You’re patient with my no-such-thing-as-a-stupid-question questions. You’re funny, sarcastic and cynical in just the right measure.

You’re my favourite environmental crusader and champion of the little guy. More than a mere progressive thinker, you’re filled with progressive passion and driven to action.

You’re great.

Now, your days in Saskatchewan are coming to an end. I knew it was always a possibility. Heading east was always your dream and career trajectory. But, secretly (and with great guilt), I hoped it was a dream that would take more time to accomplish — just so we (or rather I) could keep you here for a little while longer.

Our doors will always be open and our hearts will always welcome you. Don’t you dare forget us. Take care, my friend!  /Anonymous

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