Older issues

Illustration by Dakota McFadzean


PROVINCE Out With The Old As Saskatchewan Party veterans step down, who will step up? | by Gregory Beatty READ

NATION Lawyers With Bibles Can graduates from an antigay law school defend equality? | by Lisa Johnson READ

COVER When Monsters Attack Could Saskatchewan handle a Godzilla-category kaiju assault? | by Bryn Hadubiak READ

WORLD Anthropocene Dread Can humans survive our planet’s grim new geological epoch? | by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS Heat And Hayfever Sneezing more? You might be allergic to global warming | by David Suzuki READ

REMEDIAL SCIENCE Geocentrism is Wrong A new doc says the sun revolves around Earth. It doesn’t. | by Ashleigh Mattern READ

PINTS Yeast Inflections Meet the many critters that give beers their unique voices| by Jason Foster READ


BOOKS Talk The Walk  Trevor Herriot steps out to ponder our messed-up civilization | by Stephen LaRose READ

FILM REVIEWS Million Dollar Arm / Like Father Like Son / The Railway Man | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo  READ

FILM Hnetflix | by Shane Hnetka READ

FILM The Evolving Fest QCC changes as times change (mostly) for the better | by Gregory Beatty READ

ART Cheeky Abstractions Eleven artists subvert abstract expressionism | by Gregory Beatty READ

MUSIC Sound Check | by Amber Goodwyn READ

MUSIC Hometown Proud Almost two decades in, Atmosphere still makes rhymes for Minneapolis | by Chris Morin READ

ALBUM REVIEWS Pains of Being Pure at Heart / Little Dragon / Lykke Li / Bry Webb | READ

BONUS COLUMN Mayor of the Sea Timely advice for kaiju attacks READ

QCC Left And Leaving | READ