SFW’s promotion starts with Sveinson’s downtown style
by Gregory Beatty


streetwearWho: Jill Sveinson, Saskatchewan Fashion Week marketing coordinator. Where: Cornwall Centre. Wearing: Clothes collected from all over the downtown. Quote: “I’ve taught myself not to over-shop.”

Jill has a business administration degree with a marketing major. She works as marketing coordinator at Cornwall Centre with a focus on social media and event planning. She also serves as marketing manager for Saskatchewan Fashion Week. When I met up with her, she was gearing up for the third annual SFW, which goes May 8-10 in Regina.

How long have you been involved with Saskatchewan Fashion Week? Is it gaining traction in Regina and the province, do you think?

I’ve been a volunteer since year one. Personally, I’ve found it amazing to watch it evolve. Year one to year two was so different as far as production quality and size, and this year will be even better. It’s really exciting to see all the talent and creativity in Regina and Saskatchewan come together (designers, photographers, videographers, hair, makeup, models, styling, marketing, public relations, sponsorship management, etc.) and work so hard to make the event what it is today. We’re seeing that pay off in ticket sales (almost sold out!!), climbing social media followers, party series attendees, and more. People want to know about SFW, and more and more people are buying tickets early to make sure they don’t miss out.

We’re also seeing the support of SFW grow on the sponsorship side. Existing sponsors are fantastic to work with, and new sponsors partner with us every year.

What about outside Saskatchewan? Is the province’s profile in fashion growing on the national stage?

We see ticket buyers from cities like Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto, and we have bloggers coming from larger cities as well. Every year, SFW expands our national reach and visibility.

In previous years, SFW was held in a big tent downtown. This year, it’s at the Sound Stage. What will the new location bring to the festival?

Indoor plumbing (ha ha! just joking). The organizers of SFW are really proud that SFW 2014 will be the first public event at the Sound Stage. We’re using two rooms; the first will be the Swag Lounge and will transform into the After Party, and the large production room will host the Runway Program. Obviously, the Sound Stage was built for production, and the production quality — the lighting, music, and videography — is going to be great.

Are there satellite events?

We host a party series as part of Saskatchewan Fashion Week, which includes a party every month January through April. The SFW Party Series brings together fashion and creative design enthusiasts, and people who want to learn more about SFW or [just] come out for a fun night. In December, we held a workshop for the designers. We plan to add additional events throughout the year that will support the fashion and beauty industries, and also give citizens in the province the opportunity to do something fun and different.

Really cool this year as well, we’ll be streaming the Runway Program live on saskfashionweek.com!

How would you describe your approach to fashion?

I’m really attracted to how clothes fit the body. I don’t often wear many patterns or accessories. I’m drawn to the shape and tailoring of clothing. What I love about fashion, though, is how unique it is to everyone. I love walking around the Cornwall Centre, going for dinner or to a concert, and appreciating how people style themselves and express their individuality.

What’s special for you about this outfit?

Everything I’m wearing was purchased in downtown Regina. My job is to kind of walk around Cornwall Centre and know what’s in-store, so I get to see what’s new every season. My watch is from Spare Parts, the boots are from Aldo, and my shirt’s from the Bay. But I go to other stores too. Sometimes I’m walking past and something catches my eye so I check it out. When you’re in a rush, window displays can do that. But I’ve taught myself not to over-shop.

Outside of marketing, what’s your biggest passion?

My family — my daughters Juliette, five and Lilou, three, and my fiancé Jimmy.