QCCValue Village Easter Diva

Hey, lady, next time you’re looking for a place for your screaming brats to wreak havoc, please pick somewhere besides the aisles and changing room area of Value Village. And that goes double if it’s early afternoon on Easter Monday and the place is teeming with customers.

First, the signs clearly say “Limit Six Items”, and the young clerk pointed it out to you several times, but you very rudely kept insisting you’d “only be a few more minutes.” Yes, I’ve been known to sneak in a couple extra items on occasion too, but really, when there’s a line of others waiting (im-)patiently for a change room, it’s not acceptable to spend an hour trying on DOZENS of items.

Second, quizzing your 10-year-old daughter about whether the pants made your skinny size-six ass look fat says far more about your pathetic parenting skills than your insecure butt. As did your two sons running amok through the store, crashing into people’s carts, pestering other kids and generally being loudmouth jerks.

I must say, in your red cowboy boots, tight white jeans and low-cut blouse, you looked like someone who loves attention. Well, there were plenty of us looking at you that day, so you sure got your share. Just not in the way you were hoping! /Anonymous

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