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Local punk band Royal Red Brigade are “four landlocked prairie sailors”  who have a new album out called Seasides (like B-sides, get it?). This record, the band’s third, is a rowdy collection of unreleased songs, a few reworkings of older RRB tunes and a cover jam to boot.

Seasides has surfaced just in time for the band’s up-coming 15-date western/USA tour this May as well as two local shows — including a proper album launch on Friday, April 25 at the Exchange — and Harvest King Records’ annual May Day party on Friday May 2 (also at The Exchange) where they’ll share the stage with The Rebel Spell, Cetascean, Rehashed, Failed States, Tomorrow Starts Today, Druidus, Bats Out and The Hens.

To celebrate all this excitement, the members of Royal Red Brigade graciously agreed to collectively answer my Sound Check Proust-ish Questionnaire.

What’s your current state of mind?

Excited nervousness. Tour time is coming!

What is your greatest music-related fear?

To be stuck in my basement with no electrical outlet.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

We are just so ugly.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Competitiveness amongst bands and musicians. There should be more camaraderie. We could spoon and stuff, it would be nice.

What is the greatest (album) love of your life?

Refused, Shape of Punk to Come.

Which living musician do you most admire?

The Boss. In the beginning everyone told him what he would never be and he defied them all and came out on top.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Virtuosity/technical ability. There are so many amazingly talented musicians who can’t translate that ability into a cohesive song.

What is your greatest musical extravagance?

Pressing vinyl. It is so luxurious. It’s a beautiful object. I would eat it if I could.

What do you consider your greatest musical achievement?

Touring across Canada and into the States; playing Pouzza fest and/or headlining Omfest.

What is your greatest musical regret?

Not touring with the Bronx already.

Which living person do you most despise?

The greatest super-villain of all: our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

When and where were you musically happiest?

[The Harvest King Record concert] Mayday 2013. For the first time it all just felt so easy and natural on stage. We could do no wrong.

What is your motto?


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