Exposing The Commiesexualist Agenda

by Garth Putzki

I just don’t understand what the heck all this FUSS is about Peter LaBarbera!

Earlier this month, LaBarbera — the top dog at a U.S. research organization called Americans For Truth About Homosexuality — came to our fair province to speak to a Saskatchewan Pro-Life convention about the life-and-soul threatening risks of homosexuality. Because that’s the kind of guy he is! He just wants to educate and help people!

Unfortunately, the communists and radical homosexual activists think anyone who disagrees with them shouldn’t be allowed to speak in Saskatchewan!

I’m so tired of these elitists and their entitled attitudes!

Now LOOK everybody, I know that the political correcters are clutching their Communist Manifestos about LaBarbera’s visit. But they need to settle down! Labarbera just wants to share his reasonable, common-sense and ENTIRELY COMPASSIONATE views about the perverted, rampaging sodomites who have ruined the institution of marriage in Canada and want to destroy America next. Don’t agree with what he says? Well, it’s just his opinion! It doesn’t hurt anybody! When was the last time someone got bullied or beaten up for mistakenly thinking they were romantically attracted to people of the same gender? I’ll tell you when: it was when Tommy The Commie and his socialized psychiatrists were running the province!

That stuff doesn’t happen today!

And anyway, LaBarbera’s just trying to help the same-sexualists. Why can’t they see that? Do they want to burn in hell for all eternity? I highly doubt it! That’s why LaBarbera supports laws in places like Russia and Uganda that protect homo-curious youth from making bad choices!

I guess the fact that LaBarbera was speaking to decent Christians trying to save babies from being murdered is what REALLY got the Saskommunists’ (red) underwear in a bunch! That’s why they got their New World Order “friends” to try to stop Labarbera at the LaBorder (get it? Ha ha!). And then later, when that didn’t work, the socialists used their Bilderberg connections to have LaBarbera arrested for handing out scientific educational pamphlets on the factually established medical problems that occur when people choose to be gay.

It’s just ridiculous!

Thank goodness Prairie Dog is the kind of newspaper that believes in free speech, and they gave me this column to bring some balance to this mess!

For Prairie Dog, I’m Garth Putzki!

Garth Putzki is a 38-year-old virgin who makes angels out of his earwax and still wants to see Obama’s birth certificate. He divides his time between Humboldt and Regina.