QCCI Don’t Care What Alberta Says

I’ve lived in Calgary longer than I lived in Saskatchewan, but when I refer to “going home”, I always mean the Regina area. Unfortunately, it’s common for Albertans to make sarcastic comments about being from Saskatchewan. To a lot of them, being from Saskatchewan is something to be ashamed of — and when you’re proud of your heritage, they’re taken aback.

Well, I am a proud Saskatchewanian, and not just when the Riders win the Grey Cup. My father, his father and his father before him worked long, hard days and nights to feed the people of this country through two world wars and the Great Depression, and my brother-in-law still does it today. A farmer’s life isn’t easy. Hopefully the people of Saskatchewan will learn from Alberta’s bad example and not look down on these good men and women as the province reaps the rewards of the oil and gas industries.

When I’m asked where I’m from, I’ll always be proud to say “I’m from Saskatchewan!” /Anonymous


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