tw0320Fran Passmore

Someone should bonk us in the head for the redonkulous typo in last issue’s news section Top 6, “Things You Need To Know About Ukraine Right Farking Now” by Stephen LaRose. Rosie wrote (and I didn’t catch) that the make-up of Crimea’s population was part Russian, part Ukrainian and part “Tartar Muslim”.

Umm, maybe that should be Tatar?

Fortunately, Alert Wiener Fran Passmore caught the error, ensuring we’ll face the public ridicule we richly deserve.

Fran is a resident of White City and a past Typo Wiener (2005, 2009). Her late husband, Larry, was also Wiener in 2007. Fran is also the great aunt of a couple Regina-born musicians you might’ve heard of. She’ll spend her $10 prize on cat treats for Annie, Peter and ’Stache.

Congratulations, Fran!


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