QCCReal Ladies’ Men

How many male coaches have used the terms “Come on, ladies, move it, move it!” or “You play like a bunch of girls!” when trying to fire up male athletes? Well, boys, it’s time to girl-up; after the outstanding achievements of female athletes at the Sochi Olympics, those words aren’t a putdown anymore. Thirty-two Canadian women came home with gold medals around their necks — yes, that includes all 21 hockey players and all five curlers, but it’s the same total as the men and their hockey team had four more players. Oh, and did I mention that the Canadian Olympic team is about a 60-40 split, men to women? Case closed. So the next time some smart-mouthed high school football coach uses “ladies” as an insult, I hope Kaillie Humphries, gold medal bobsledder, appears and thumps him. /Anonymous


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