QCCI Miss the Old RPL Film Calendar

Dear Regina Public Library Film Theatre: I love watching your films; I love your location, your atmosphere and your prices, but I have to say I miss the old calendar. I, and many Reginans I know, have been hanging it in our kitchens for decades as a reminder of what’s coming up on the weekend, and it was easy to read the film descriptions at a glance. The new film theatre guide is colourful and snazzy looking, but the calendar on the back doesn’t tell me anything about the films, and the list of descriptions inside the guide is organized not according to show date, but… by what, genre?

This is an example of “fixing” something that wasn’t broken. I imagine this full colour glossy magazine costs a lot more to publish than the old calendar, too.

Please consider publishing the film descriptions on a pull-out calendar in the guide, or at least publish the guide page number on the new calendar under the title, so that it’s easy to look up the description of the films.

Love, a film fan. /Anonymous


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