“First, I want to thank Stephen Whitworth for his excellent column on Neil Young,” writes Typo Wiener Michael. “He points to the actual issues, and skewers those who attacked Neil Young. There is, however, a typo when he writes: ‘…any more than I be allowed to right [sic] about, I dunno, RSPs.’”

Good lord. Okay, well, Michael gets a T-shirt for that one. And our poor copy editor, who didn’t get to see Whitworth’s last-minute editorial, will be given a cricket bat and invited to beat him (Whitworth, not Michael) like a piñata.

Michael is, and he phrased it precisely so I’ll quote him, “a writer who teaches literature at the University of Regina.” He wins a Typo Wiener T-shirt and $10, which he’ll use to buy a new pail to collect snow, which he quixotically uses as toilet-flushing water to set a good environmental example for his children. Congratulations, Michael!

(“Right” instead of “write”. Sheesh.)

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