I’ve never been in the army, navy or air force so I’m not a veteran. But I’ve had grandfathers and grandmothers that all served at some time, so I’m aware of the sacrifices veterans made for Canada and the freedoms we enjoy today. Sometimes they even sacrificed their lives.

That’s why my blood boils when I read about the shabby treatment they’ve received from our government. Enough is enough!

Our vets are killing themselves. Who knows, maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Senior DND staff haven’t done enough to help — instead, they’re displaying arrogance and low-IQ behaviour. The need for more mental health professionals for soldiers was identified a decade ago! How did this delay in hiring — which cost lives! — happen?

Then there’s the closing of Veterans Affairs offices across the country. Veterans are owed compensation for their contributions, and we’re closing the offices that can help them navigate the system? This is unacceptable. As a Canadian I’m ashamed of the way our government treats our vets.

The government doesn’t get it. Without our veterans there’s no Canada. Every vet deserves personal apologies from Stephen Harper and all his staff.

Do something right, Harper. Look after our vets. /Anonymous


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