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Sports Spotlight on Super Bowl XLVIII

Did you know that Super Bowl XLVIII is an American football game that will be played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday, Feb. 2? And did you know that this year’s championship match pits the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos? And did you know that the winning team’s players will dine upon the skillfully prepared and deliciously roasted carcasses of the losers?

If you didn’t, strap yourself into the high-voltage neural-booster that is Prairie Dog’s most informative column: “Did You Know?”


The term “Super Bowl” was coined in 1966 by Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt. Ironically, superheroes aren’t allowed to play in the Super Bowl because their powers give them too many advantages. Even more ironically, Seahawks owner Paul Allen is The Flash.


The Broncos are not horses as their name suggests — they’re just very athletic humans. Broncos players do sometimes ride horses during games, but only in the preseason.


Seattle Seahawks players ARE birds, however. Literally birds. Big, scary ones. Eeek!


The Seahawks have a great D while the Broncos — with one of football’s greatest quarterbacks in Peyton Manning — have a lethal offence. Is the best defence a good offence, or is the best offence a good defence? No one remembers how that adage goes so I guess we’ll all just have to watch the game and see who wins, won’t we?


Both Super Bowl contenders come from states — Colorado and Washington — that have recently legalized marijuana. Wait, you did know? You pothead!

Illustration by Dakota McFadzean



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