1 THE WORLD MOURNS MANDELA Read about a great individual herehere, here, here, herehere, herehere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. (as always, you can mouse over the hyperlinks to see where they lead. Well, not if you’re reading on your phone I suppose.) Or maybe you should skip all that and go straight to this remembrance by Desmond Tutu. And you should probably read this June article on Mandela’s legacy by Gwynne Dyer.

2 KICKING PEOPLE OUT OF APARTMENTS INTO WINTER Bad. What’s City Council going to do? Oh yeah, nothing, like always. Can’t interfere with the marketplace, right? Nelson Mandela would’ve done something about this if he was a Regina politician.

3 GRIM ANNIVERSARY It’s been 24 years since the Montreal massacre. Nelson Mandela would probably have supported gun registration.

4 A STERN LETTER Premier Brad Wall expresses his displeasure with PotashCorp layoffs. Yes, it’s just a letter. It’s not concrete action, like, say,  a threat to hike royalty rates on a very wealthy company that just fired  a pile of Saskatchewanians. But it’s something.

5 ALBERTA WILL VACCINATE BOYS FOR HPV Well, that’s excellent. I have friends who were damned near having seizures over the fact that HPV vaccine has viewed as something that’s girls-only, when the virus is spread by hetero humping. Alberta is the second province to do this — P.E.I. was the first.

6 DON’T PANIC OR ANYTHING BUT WE’RE WIPING OUT THE BASE OF THE FOOD CHAIN Ocean acidification caused by greenhouse gasses is like to hurt Arctic crustaceans which is BAAAAAAD

MANDELA’S INAUGURATION SPEECH This is from 1994. Nicked from Rabble.