Not since the Juno Awards last April has there been a Saturday like that which is about to unfold in Regina. You can get up to speed on all the Grey Cup stuff that’s planned by checking out s. 4.2 of our Grey Cup Party Guide. In addition to all those events, there’s innumerable parties happening at various bars and clubs in town.

Kick off for the Grey Cup isn’t until 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, so even if you go overboard a bit you should have time to recover before the game. Hopefully, though, no matter how much revelry everyone engages in, you’ll all behave yourselves and be respectful of each other so that everyone has a great time and gets home safe.

To help everyone get their party muscles loosened up for tonight here’s a video by Regina hip hop artist Def 3 called “Life Ain’t Fare”. Tonight, he’ll be performing at O’Hanlon’s just down the street from all the shenanigans on City Square Plaza: