New Dog (november 28-1)The new issue of Prairie Dog is out and look at this poor dude, it’s so good it’s completely blown his mind. Meet Chad Boudreau, overlord of ComicReaders downtown, a.k.a. Regina’s Best Comic Shop. He’s reading Emmet Matheson’s interview with Regina-born cartoonist Dakota McFadzean, who is one insanely talented guy. (Also, while you can’t see it, Chad’s also standing under a piece of art by Dakota’s brother, Jonah. Talented family!)

I’m a little worried that Chad’s poor brain will be completely scrambled by the time he finishes this issue because there’s just so much awesome stuff to read. For example:

GOOD TIMES IN RIDERTOWN Stephen LaRose picked the Riders to finish 8-10 and lose the Western semifinal. He’s so glad he was wrong.

MARIJUANA MALFUNCTION Greg Beatty interviews Robin Hove, who was outed as a medical marijuana user by a stupidly addressed letter from Health Canada.

STARVING STREETS Regina roads are crumbling because the city doesn’t spend the money that’s needed to maintain them. Paul Dechene has more.

MYTHBUSTERS! Paul Dechene interviews Adam Savage (he’s the chatty mythbuster).

HERE COMES SCIENCE! Ashleigh Mattern has a new column about an incredibly important  topic that just doesn’t get enough love.

AND MORE, MORE MORE We wrote so much for Chad and the rest of you guys this issue! There’s album  and film reviews, Hnetflix, Typo Wiener, Queen City Confidential, Sound Check, News Quirks, columns by Gwynne Dyer and David Suzuki, Top 6 columns, Chilblains, My Music and probably at least two or three more things I’ve forgotten. Get your free Prairie Dog from street boxes, display racks and miscellaneous countertops all over Regina!