Elaine WillSaskatoon cartoonist Elaine Will is at ComicReaders downtown (2115 11th Ave.) signing copies of her book, Look Straight Ahead. She’s there RIGHT NOW. I haven’t read it yet but it’s about a bullied teenage artist, which sounds like a good topic to me. She’s at the store until 7:00.

Also: ComicReaders has an opening tonight with lots of nerd-themed original art. I hear that reclusive Regina doodler/very occasional Prairie Dog contributor Puty has a drawing in the show called “Godzilla Vs. Fancy Feast”, which several people have politely described as being “very nice”. There’s lots of other stuff too. The art opening runs from 7:00 to 9:30, so if you time it right you can get a copy of Elaine’s book AND see the art.

The show runs until Nov. 7, and all the art is for sale.