December 2008 — Pamela Wallin is appointed to the Senate of Canada as a Saskatchewan representative. Wallin says she will run in a Senate election for the Conservatives if the Saskatchewan government passes legislation requiring senators to be elected rather than appointed.

May 2009 – Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party government passes legislation calling for province-wide elections to replace departing Saskatchewan Senators in Ottawa.

May 2011 – Brad Wall criticizes Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s appointment of new senators, saying nothing about Wallin.

November 2011 – Saskatchewan Senator and Saskatchewan Party member Pamela Wallin acts as a scrutineer for Saskatchewan Party candidate June Draude in the Kelvington-Wadena riding.

February 2013 – Brad Wall defends Senator Pamela Wallin, calling her a ‘clear’ and ‘regular presence’ in the province.

November 2013 – Brad Wall wants his government to repeal legislation allowing for Senate elections. Pamela Wallin is nowhere to be mentioned.

I wonder why Brad Wall’s not calling for a Senate election now? It’s not because Pamela Wallin couldn’t win now? Or is she too busy?