6-in-the-morning1 HALLOWEEN CANDY There’s something funny about those pumpkins.

2 ROB FORD GO BOOM To the surprise of no one, it turns out the Rob Ford crack video is real — and Toronto police have it. The Toronto Star says it’s all over¬†for Ford. More here. Oh, and here’s the Gawker story.

3 BACK TO THE BARGAINING TABLE The City and its transit workers are talking again.

4 MURDER NUMBER EIGHT A 24 year-old Reginan was killed last night.

5 SYRIA’S CHEMICAL WEAPONS HAVE BEEN DESTROYED And the world is a slightly better place.

6 SOMETIMES JAPAN IS AN ASSHOLE Not a big fan of human eating whales and dolphins; when eating an intelligent species creates a risk of wiping it out it’s especially loathsome.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Featuring Simon, his cat and a spider.