6-in-the-morning1 KABOOOOOM Mike Duffy threw a grenade into the PMO yesterday, saying that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in the room with him and former PMO chief of staff Nigel “cut the cheque” Wright. The excitement continues today, as opposition leaders attack and Pamela Wallin presumably speaks before the Senate.

2 JORDI LaFORGE GLASSES ARRIVE 300 YEARS EARLY An Ottawa tech company made ’em and now a legally blind child can watch TV.

3 WE’RE TRYING TO TEACH YOU THINGS HERE, DUMMIES The federal Conservatives unveiled their First Nations education plan last night. I’m sure the government that cancelled the historic Kelowna Accord can be trusted to actually do what’s in the best interests of Canada’s aboriginals.

4 AFFORDABLE CARE ACT SABOTAGE THREATENS INSURANCE CO-OPS If U.S. Republicans can’t kill health care they can at least cripple important parts of it.

5 SOME ASSHOLE SHOT AN OTTER The otter is in critical condition and also is very cute.

6 PRIORITIZING DANGER Atlantic Canadian mayors want a task force on exotic animals. No word if they’re launching task forces on knives.

WAIT, WASN’T THERE SOMETHING ELSE? Oh yeah, the Throne Speech is today. Kiiind of a big deal.

A NEW TRAILER FOR ANCHORMAN 2 Bowling balls and scorpions!