6-in-the-morning1 CANADA’S MOST POPULAR POLITICIAN Naheed Nenshi’s overwhelming re-election as mayor of Calgary is the overwhelmingest — he won 73 per cent of the vote (191,161 ballots). One question that should be asked: why do Calgary developers resent this beloved mayor?

2 “COMPLETELY UNFAIR AND IMMORAL” Good job, nations of the world. You made the head of the United Nations group trying to get a climate change treaty cry.

3 WAR CRIMES Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch say drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen might be war crimes. Might be? Assassinating people and taking out civilians? Huh.

4 AWFUL Two terrible Reginans (who were probably hideously damaged themselves) plead guilty to “beating two little girls with a hammer, a frying pan, an extension cord, and a high-heeled shoe. They also admitted to sexual assault, and to making child pornography.”

5 “THEY DON’T WANT ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE FORCED TO EAT THEIR OWN VOMIT AT ST. ANNE’S TO GET PAID.” Here’s another happy fukken story that’ll cheer everyone up.

6 SIT ON THIS An artist publicly directs his large, purple outrage at Czech President Milos Zeman.

BONUS THINGS: The BC Civil Liberties Association sues a Canadian spy agency for spying on Canadians; the U.S. spied on French diplomats; Mike Duffy blah blah; Rob Ford good grief; wayyy too many Quebec citizens support bigoted laws; Saskatchewan’s premier told John Gormley that  the government is looking at using the P3 model to build schools so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what that means unless P-Dog has a school P3 expert handy; it’s been a decade since Saskatoon DIDN’T get a casino; everybody is mad at U.S. Republicans; a Canadian inventor has designed a sweet-looking standing bench; and we can haz flu shots!

I WANT ALLIGATORS IN OUR SUPERMARKETS This is adorable! My use of that word might differ from yours.