Alice Munro’s a Nobel prizewinner. Bring on the haters.

Her game is so impossibly tight that she can take it. Her bibliography has not just produced consistent quality but built brilliance on top of brilliance for much longer than I’ve been alive. That much is more or less inarguable, as can be seen by the adoration from all corners when she won the Nobel Prize in Literature last week.

So we come to MobyLives. In a post titled “Who among us is brave enough to speak out against Alice Munro?” Dustin Kurtz replies to the charge from the screenwriter of The Canyons that Canada’s favourite Nobel prizewinner is “overrated”:

God bless you, Bret Easton Ellis. Only you can save us from pensive, fraught stories written by a gentle, hard-working eighty-two year old Canadian with a nice smile.

This is perfect.