This has become a bit of a Hallowe’en tradition for Do-It-With-Class Young People’s Theatre. The story presumably doesn’t need much of an introduction, not after all the previous incarnations of the classic musical by Richard O’Brien that have been done since it premiered in London in 1973. But what it essentially boils down to is a newly engaged couple gets caught in a storm and seeks refuge in the castle of a deranged transvestite scientist who is in the final stages of creating, Frankenstein-like, a muscle man named Rocky Horror. Much mayhem, hilarity, confusion and consternation ensues.

This year, Do-It-With-Class is presenting five productions of The Rocky Horror Show at University Theatre. It starts Wednesday and runs through Sunday, with curtain each night at 8 p.m. Tickets range between $22.25-$26.25 and can be obtained by calling 306-525-9999.

To close, here’s “Sweet Transvestite” from a 40th anniversary tour of the musical from earlier this year: