Regina theatre fans might remember Hectik Theatre. Helmed by Kenn McLeod and Nicole Olszewski, Hectik presented several seasons of experimental theatre before the founders left Regina to further their professional careers in 2009.

After time spent studying and working in places like Las Vegas, New York and Portland McLeod is back in Regina and he’s revived Hectik. Beirut is the company’s first production. It was penned by American playwright Alan Bowne in 1987, and is set in a dystopian future where a woman seeks to reunite with a partner quarantined with a deadly disease. The play was written during the height of the HIV-AIDS scare, and explores issues related to public health, the demonization of marginal communities,  and the politics of fear.

In 1993, Beirut was made into an HBO movie called Daybreak which starred Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Moira Kelly.

Hectik Theatre’s production of Beirut will run at New Dance Horizon’s performance space at 2207 Harvey St. It’s directed by Kenn McLeod, and stars Kate Herriot and Munish Sharma in the principal roles, with additional contributions from David Granger, Donny Ready, and Kristina Hughes. Beirut runs Oct. 23-Nov. 2., and more info can be obtained by visiting the Hectik website.

And to give you a taste, here’s a short trailer prepared by Hectik: