© Chris Graham Photo 2013The new issue of Prairie Dog is here! Huzzah! Let’s start this off by saluting this issue’s celebrity Typo Wiener, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall. I met Premier Wall last week at the Legislature to give him his $10 and T-shirt prize and he was friendly, personable and genuine. He and I certainly wouldn’t agree with all of each other’s politics, but Wall ain’t Canada’s most popular premier for nuttin’. Along with the Typo Wiener T-shirt, we gave Premier Wall one of Myron Campbell’s excellent, surreal limited edition 2010 Prairie Dog T-shirts, which you can see in Chris Graham’s photo.  Myron’s shirt is a great, freaky take on the Saskatchewan subconscious and they’re genuine works of art (and yes, we still have a few left for sale, plug, plug).

So what else is in this one? Lots!

LITTLE MISS HIGGINS One of our favourite Saskatchewan musicians has a new album and better yet, an upcoming Regina concert. Read all about it.

CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THAT P3 STUFF Saskatchewan needs more schools and by gum, we’re gonna use public private partnerships to build ’em.

REALLY GREAT FIRST NATION’S PAINTERS Their work is at the MacKenzie and you should read about it.

BALANCED BUDGET LAWS = DUMB Paul Dechene essplains why.

ENDER’S GAME! Jorge reviews it.

Plus! News Quirks, Science Matters, Gwynne Dyer, Hnetflix, Sound Check, CD reviews, a bunch of Top 6 columns, Queen City Confidential, letters to the editor, Pints, My Music, Chilblains and lots more neat stuff!

The new Prairie Dog! It’s delightful. Pick it up at street boxes, supermarkets, drug and convenience stores and hundreds of other miscellaneous locations city-wide.