One issue I’m not clear on is the impact a P3 Wastewater Treatment Plant would have on an agreement that the city signed in November 2012 with Western Potash Corp to provide wastewater for the Milestone potash mine that is to be built 35 km south-east of Regina near Gray, SK. According to a Leader-Post report from May, once the mine is up and running it would utilize 60 per cent of the city’s treated wastewater (around 40,000 cubic metres per day) that would be delivered to the mine via pipeline. The article goes on to note that over the 45 year length of the agreement the city could receive $200 million from Western Potash.

What I’m not clear on is who would receive this revenue under a P3 arrangement. Would it still go to the city, or would it go to the private company? In either case it would be a handy source of revenue to help mitigate some of the cost of the construction and operation of the new wastewater treatment plant.