It’s confirmed: Wolfcop will be filmed in Regina. From CBC:

The film makers were keen to shoot in Saskatchewan and figured the best way for that to happen was to leverage money from the province’s incentive program. But the tax credit was axed months ago. The producers discovered, however, that the old program still had some projects in the works. “One of our partners already had a horror movie approved under the tax credit system,” Bill Marks, a production executive at CineCoup, said. “And Wolfcop fit the bill nicely under the rules and we were able to put Wolfcop under the existing program.”

More here. If you want your region to have the economic spin-offs from a film industry, you have to have a tax credit program. When the Saskatchewan Party government axed ours, our film industry died. It doesn’t matter why they did this. Maybe they hate people working in the arts (a demographic that will never vote for conservatives). Maybe they were inexperienced bumblefucks who didn’t understand any part of the economy that doesn’t involve digging up shit and selling it. Doesn’t matter. It’s a well-documented policy fumble either way.

The important thing is that a way was found to get this movie tax credits and make this happen. Maybe Saskatchewan’s government is finally learning how to be a government for everyone, rather than a snotty clique of dipshit cowboys with dumb ideas and a charismatic leader, and too much support from the business lobby.

Even if that’s not the case, filming on Wolfcop starts Oct. 7.

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