The Regina Humane Society has a kitten crisis! Kittens everywhere! Kittens up the wazoo! What can YOU do?

whack a kitten

Record kitten

Kitten with hat

NOOOOO! Better idea! Adopt one!

And this weekend, adoption fees have been lowered to $50! From the Humane Society’s website:

 For the second time in a month, the RHS is at capacity due to an overwhelming number of kittens which have been surrendered or abandoned at its doors. The Society is appealing to the public for help to find homes for the over 113 kittens currently in its care.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (September 27, 28 and 29) the RHS hopes to find as many homes as possible to ensure kittens don’t face an uncertain future. To encourage as many adoptions as possible, the RHS is reducing the Adoption Fee on all felines, including kittens, to only $50.

Quick! Hurry!

Cat scamble

KITTENS! They’re waiting for you!