4 in the Afternoon1 SCIENCE SAYS It’s virtually certain that the earth is warming, humans are the cause and the consequences are terrifying. Read the actual summary here.

2 SCIENCE SAYS Climate change is real. I guess we just said that. But you can read media coverage of the IPCC Summary For Policymakers in real newspapers and media outlets like The Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post, BBC, The Guardian againCBC, the Globe And Mail, The IndependentAl Jazeera, CNN, NBCReuters and the Associated Press. I was going to include the National Post but they deliberately chose a headline for their story that stokes climate skepticism so too bad for them. I’d also like to include the Toronto Star but I can’t get past the paywall. Sad face. Climate change skepticism is going to get people killed. Also of interest: National Geographic, Science magazine, Science Daily, Scientific American, Discover magazine, and Smithsonian magazine. Oh, and check out Desmog Blog and the David Suzuki Foundation, too. Ignored for now: John Gormley, but if he spends a ton of time trashing this report he will be in extremely big trouble with us.

3 SCIENCE SAYS Sorry climate liars. The slower pace of climate change in recent years is not an indication that the planet isn’t warming. It has warmed, it is warming and human activity is the cause.

4 SCIENCE SAYS That nothing I’ve written here will change anyone’s mind. People, says science, don’t argue about facts. They argue about values. Plus we have a stupid white conservative male problem.

NOBODY CARES WHAT THE HIPPIES SAY ANYWAY YA HIPPY McHIPPO?  What? Uh, well, okay. How about what the World Bank says?