6-in-the-morning1 A FINE FESTIVAL The Regina Folk Festival had another great year, with record daytime crowds. My top three acts were Bahamas, Charles Bradley and Neko Case. Who were yours?

2 MEET THE NEW REALITY Toronto cartoon Rob Ford ushers in the age of social media paparazzi.

3 OH, THOSE RUSSIANS The controversy over holding the winter Olympics in a country that’s beating the hell out of gays and lesbians continues as calls for boycotts grow louder. And you know who’s on the correct side of this issue? Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. And you know who’s blowing it? The IOC.

4 SHAKE-UP AT BLACKBERRY The company considers going private. Publisher Terry has a new Blackberry Z-10 and I asked him if he liked it. “Mostly,” he said. “I’m still learning it.”

5 THE WALLIN AUDIT A Senate committee will go over Pamela Wallin’s expense claims today, as they review an audit of the senator’s spending. Apparently she might have to repay a total amount over $100,000.

6 DEATH OF A MONSTER Convicted war criminal and evicted Canadian Lazlo Csatary kicked the bucket in Budapest at the age of 98.

GEESE DON’T GROW ON TREES ┬áHere’s a trailer for a fantastic-looking new book I’m going to buy. You should buy it too.