The new issue hits stands today, which means a new page of reviews for you to read. Did Aidan Morgan like the new Dinosaur Bones? Nope! Did part of my Pop. 1280 review send my editor rushing to Wikipedia? Probably!

You can actually listen to the two other records we reviewed in their entirety, online, right now. CBC Music is streaming all of Rae Spoon’s My Prairie Home, along with an interview with the folk/electronic/everything artist. Emmet Matheson loved the record, saying in the new Prairie Dog that

Spoon has developed into a real master of intimacy over the course of their songwriting career, and this fundamentally human story of a person who longs to be loved for who they are, even as they try to figure out who that may be, connects.

Dog Party have all of their debut, Lost Control, up over at Rookie. There’s also plenty of great interview stuff happening over there, too, with the teen garage duo talking about influences, playing when you’re too young for bars and all that good stuff.