6-in-the-morning1 BUT JOHN GORMLEY SAID ENVIRONMENTALIST OPPOSITION TO PIPELINES MADE THE DISASTER INEVITABLE A former employee of Montreal Maine & Atlantic commenting anonymously on the Lac-Megantic train disaster says the railway recklessly cut costs: “It was 10 years of them gambling and rolling the dice, and it finally caught up with them.” Meanwhile, media have been allowed inside the town’s security perimeter for the first time since the disaster. Apparently it looks like a “war zone”.

2 SPEAKING OF THE OIL ECONOMY There were at least four and maybe seven tornadoes spotted in Saskatchewan yesterday. While Saskatchewan will always have tornadoes, and while one generally cannot say a specific weather event is the result of oil-economy-caused global warming,  we can definitely expect more of what we saw yesterday in the future. And sooner or later, one of these weather events is gonna hit Regina.

2.5 IN OTHER WEATHER NEWS Oh look, a heat wave in Eastern Canada.


4 SNOWDEN SEEKS ASYLUM IN RUSSIA Apparently he fears for his life. How silly. The United States would never assassinate someone. Actually, they’ll probably get Mossad to do it. Or Russian gangsters… wait a second.

5 A 15-FOOT GREAT WHITE SHARK VISITED A BEACH Aww! It was hungry. So cute.

6 ANY TORONTO READERS OUT THERE? SORRY FOR YOUR IMPENDING LOSS Legendary landmark Honest Ed’s–which is sort of like Regina’s late, lamented Army & Navy on steroids–is up for sale. No doubt it’ll be replaced with lame condos and the city will lose a heritage business that’s basically a museum to the joys of bargain-hunting capitalism. Hopefully the signage–which is incredible–will end up in a museum. Hey, look at this, they actually have staff sign painters: