New Dog (july 25)That guy? That guy right there? That’s Heath Mulligan, one of the top astronauts at our Saskatoon sister paper Planet S. Heath’s down for the week on some kind of secret mission which as far as I can tell involves disrupting our office with  filthy jokes and disgusting chatter and making me drink even more than I usually do. What a jerk. Anyway! Heath’s holding the excellent, excellent new issue of Prairie Dog which is being rolled out all over the city as I type this. It’s a really, really good one and you need to pick it up RIGHT NOW. There are so many great articles inside it! So! Many!

They include:

THE 2013 REGINA FOLK FESTIVAL GUIDE! Every single issue of Prairie Dog includes a huuuge guide to this year’s Folk Fest, which has a complete list of all of the artists who will descend on Victoria Park for some hella good times. Because I’m an absent-minded imbecile, I forgot to mention this on the cover. But it’s in there! Really!

WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT REFERENDUM DRAMAPALOOZA! After Regina’s city clerk rejected Regina Water Watch’s waste water treatment plant petition for specious reasons, citizens were enraged–enraged!!!— and city council bowed to that rage, voting to hold Regina’s first referendum since 1988. We’ve got lots on that, including comment from Mayor Michael Fougere who led the surprise vote. Here’s the story!

ROOMING HOUSE BATTLE-A-RAMA! On July 10 the city held an information session on changes to rooming house legislation and hoo boy, peeps be agitated! Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth (that’s me!) calls Paul Dechene’s story on the meeting “one of my all-time favourite Prairie Dog stories!” It’s that good. You must read it!

BEANS AND BUGS You can eat both at the best damn restaurant in Vibank, Saskatchewan! Aidan “The Amazing Morgan” Morgan .

AND AS ALWAYS: Gwynne Dyer, David Suzuki, Chilblains, News Quirks, Top 6 columns, Bonus Column,My Music, Queen City Confidential and more! Pick up the paper and devour the awesomeness like it was a delicious grasshopper!