1  DID YOU SEE THE SUPERMOON THIS WEEKEND?  No? Missed it? Well, don’t feel too badly, it’ll be back next August. To tide you over, here’s a collection of photos taken of the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system from around the world.

2  ANOTHER OIL STORY  This one, though, is about oil produced by… algae.

3  LOCUSTS!  Yeah, they’ve been eclipsed by “bigger” stories lately, but over the past few weeks, locusts have been quietly wreaking havoc in Egypt and Yemen. And now, Russia and Kazakhstan are joining forces to battle the voracious pests. Says farmer Gennady Malichenko “Grain and wheat that we have sown with so many difficulties, as they say by the sweat of our brow, may die.”

4  I DIDN’T KNOW ANYONE ACTUALLY USED LINKED IN  …but apparently it’s popular with stalkers.

5  FRUIT TATTOOS  The European Union has passed legislation to allow fruit to be lasered with code (as opposed to stickered). I just wish they had stuck to their guns about keeping olive oil it its original bottles.

6  BULLFIGHTING NO MAS?  The future of the centuries-old spectacle of Spanish bullfighting is uncertain. Why? The economy, animal rights activists, and kinder, gentler bulls.